Healthy Habits: Wellness Trends and Shoes to Try Now

Now that the holidays are as over 2016, we can all focus on making 2017 our best year ever. And if that starts with a New Year’s resolution to try all the trend workouts and wellness fads, here’s some inspiration. After last year’s love affair with stand-up paddle boarding, acro-yoga and gluten-free everything, why not give these up-and-coming pastimes a whirl? Below, everything you need to know about sensory depravation tanks, collagen juice cleanses and surfing–in the fitness studio–to name a few. Plus, we’ve paired each activity with its ideal shoe from BZees so you can look as good as you feel on your way home from, say, your Instagram-inspired sculpting session.

wellness flotation therapy
bzees relax slip-on shoe
Isolation tanks are the new meditation studios, and we don’t just mean this figuratively. Now popping up in cities all over the world, flotation therapy offers the experience of floating in a dark tub or pod filled with extremely salty water–and no sensory triggers whatsoever. Imagine yourself drifting in outer space sans spacesuit: total darkness, total silence, and the freedom to think without distraction for as long as 90 minutes. Head to the pod in BZees’ Relax slip-on, a soft gray-and-white shoe with Cloud Technology cushioning that will make you walk as lightly as you feel post-float.

wellness surf set machine
wellness bzees tempo sneaker
Surfing is popular as a killer workout but it also has very specific location requirements. Now, landlocked fans of the sport can enjoy it as much as their California-based sisters thanks to studio workouts like Surfset and Core 3. Hop aboard their patented surf machines in your Tempo sneaker by BZees, follow the instructor and prepare to shred your way to perfect abs, glutes and quads. Yes, you’ll still be missing the sand and sun, but the indoor surfing routine still gives you an incredible, ocean-inspired workout. Plus, unlike in the water, this studio session can easily involve catching up with friends.

wellness juice cleanse
wellness bzees glee slip-on
Last year, healthy juices hit the mainstream with a focus on fresh, organic and colorful ingredients. This year, juice brands such as Dirty Lemon are kicking things up a notch with exotic ingredients designed to target specific wellness concerns. For example, hydrolyzed fish collagen improves skin elasticity and hydration and boosts hair and nail growth, while magnesium infusions promoted regular sleep schedules. Meanwhile, BluePrint Organic’s new blends include such unexpected ingredients as dandelion (to aid kidney functions), raw apple cider vinegar (to balance the body’s Ph) and sea salt. Head to your nearest juice bar in BZees’ new Glee slip-on–a color-blocked style that is as vibrant as your drink order.

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