Healthy Habits: Tips for Defining Balance in Your Life

Here at Naturalizer, we are working women juggling it all: family, friends, fitness, philanthropy, a household, a career. What does balance in life really mean? The truth is, defining balance is individual and personal, tailored to your life and priorities. Here are our tips for defining balance in your life:

1. Say “No”. Or “Yes”. 

The quickest way to burn out is over-committing. Make – or decline – a commitment after carefully weighing your priorities at the moment and make the decision accordingly. Priorities change; give yourself permission to let something go if your passions have changed. Conversely, don’t be afraid to try something new. Saying “no” doesn’t reflect on your work ethic; it shows you are able to prioritize.

2. Set Your Hours.

It seems everyone is dialed in 100% of the time. Limit your availability to protect yourself from being “always on”.  Maybe that means you won’t answer work emails after 6pm. Maybe it means you turn off your phone between 5 and 8. Carve out time to have true quality time and be present no matter what you’re doing.

3. Limit the Multitasking.

Any time you’re interrupted, it signals a negative response and increases stress. Limit the chances of being interrupted by focusing on what you’re doing in the moment. Don’t text at your daughter’s soccer game, don’t send work emails while spending time with your significant other. Focus on one thing at a time.

4. Break a Sweat.

Even if you don’t have a full hour to commit to a fitness class or long run every day, make a commitment to yourself and your mental and physical well-being to be active for 20 minutes each day. You can break it up – park in the back of the parking lot and speed walk to and from the grocery store, have a dance party for 10 minutes, or just carve out 5 minutes to actively stretch in the morning. By committing to physical activity, you will notice a change in your attitude, ability to react to stress, and your energy levels, all of which contribute to feeling a sense of calm.

5. Set a Timer.

Wasting a bunch of time on Facebook? Getting sucked in to answering emails before out get out of bed in the morning? Designate amounts of time to complete tasks and stick to it. Give yourself a few sections of “free time” throughout the day to do whatever makes you feel happy and energized. The small things add up to a bigger overall sense of balance.

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What does a balanced life look like for you? Tell us in the comments!

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