Spring Wardrobe Essentials

When you move your wool sweaters and cords to the back of the closet and replace them with your spring clothes, don’t be alarmed if you hear birds chirping in your head. Just looking at your colorful spring wardrobe can excite you for the season. You can still wear some of your winter holdovers, like long-sleeved blouses and jeans, but mix them with lightweight new pieces before heading out into the soft spring air.

spring wardrobe essentials: chambray, khaki, light cardis, easy slip ons, basic cropped pants, and pretty prints

Colorful Dress

Graduation party and wedding season is about to kick into high gear, and you’ll need something to wear. A knee-length dress in a pastel or bright color or all-over floral pattern will serve you well. Look for a dress that has a flattering A-line or full skirt or choose a slim gingham shirtdress. A dress made of a casual fabric like cotton is appropriate work attire when paired with a jacket or cardigan but takes on a dressy vibe with heels and a wrap.

Lightweight Cardigan

On those days that feel like winter in the morning and spring in the afternoon, light layers help you keep comfortable. A thin cardigan also helps you get extended use out of your summer wardrobe; wear it over tank tops and paper-thin T-shirts to stay warm in spring but keep a warm-weather vibe. Choose a cardigan in a light but neutral shade, like pale blue or cream, so it plays well with many pieces.

Short-Sleeved Tops

Feel free to grab a ratty T-shirt to wear while planting new spring flowers, but for daily life, opt for crisp, slim tops that expose some of your arms. Short-sleeved polo shirts are ideal if your style tends toward preppy. Loose, printed chiffon tops work under a suit jacket or with jeans. And keep a chambray, oxford or collared gingham shirt in your closet, too. Roll the sleeves up to your elbows and pair this top with cropped pants and flats for a look that channels Audrey Hepburn.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are flattering and comfortable on those not-quite-shorts-weather days. Your life and style might make rolled-cuff, slightly baggy boyfriend jeans a springtime staple. If your lifestyle calls for business casual dress, a cropped pair of slim chinos or black jeans might be more appropriate. Look for a hem that hits between mid-calf and a few inches above the ankle.

Slip-On Shoes

After a winter of being confined to boots or wool socks, your feet will thank you the first day you pull on a pair of lightweight slip-ons. For spring, work in bright hues or shades of tan. Loafers, boat shoes and ballet flats all look sweet when worn with cropped pants. If your climate is warm enough, spring is the perfect time to introduce a pair of strappy flat or wedge sandals in a cheerful color like coral.

A Light Jacket

A bright yellow slicker may delight your inner child, and if so, embrace it. But a coat doesn’t have to scream “downpour” to keep you warm and dry during spring. A classic khaki trench will serve you well for many years and looks just as chic over jeans as it does a business suit. A dark jean jacket is equally timeless. If you live in a wet climate, opt for a waterproof, hooded windbreaker. A raincoat with a big, bold floral print will make even rainy days feel cheerful.

What are YOU adding to your spring wardrobe? 

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