Spring Flats You Can Wear to Work

The Vanessa, Unite & Vision are all Spring Flats You Can Wear to WorkTake the stairs at work to get your legs ready for spring flats. Flats don’t give you the longer, slimmer line you get from heels, but they are kinder to your feet and an easy choice for a busy office and a commute. Pay attention to materials, style and details for flats that carry enough weight to hold their own in the workplace. Work your personal style mojo to pair flats with both edgy and conservative outfits for your day job.

Ballet Flats

You can thank Audrey Hepburn for making ballet flats popular in the 1950s. The classic little ballet flat is beautiful on your long-suffering feet. Buy a bouquet of them in the colors of the season and twinkle-toe your way around town from your sales meeting to your hair stylist to your 10-year-old’s piano lesson. Think white, textured snakeskin, or pearlized coral pink. Dream in blue. Blue is everywhere — worn denim, ocean blue, turquoise, lilac-blue, powder blue, true navy. Take those barefoot-comfortable ballet flats to the office with a cream linen suit or a pink, blue and red floral-patterned sheath dress, all grown up under a solid-color blue jacket. Smooth matte, shiny metallic, studded or textured leather and summery fabrics give you plenty of choices for your star turns.

Driving Mocs

“On the Road Again” is your theme song but your trips are more about dashing from casual Friday to the supermarket and carpooling the kids. Pamper your feet as they work the pedals with some uber-comfortable driving mocs that look as good as they feel. Choose a softly rounded, top-stitched loafer style, like the Kellyn, with a super-grip, non-slip, gridded sole that extends partway up the back of the heel in traditional driving moc design. Test-drive them to experience the extra-cushioned insole, breathable lining and light, flexible support. Swap them for your ballet flats to travel from commute to errand to weekend night out. Your on-the-go lifestyle will give you plenty of opportunities to default to a pastel pair of driving mocs, equally fabulous in or out of the car. When the destination is always shifting, you might as well enjoy the journey.


Flirt a little with your pretty feet when warmer weather rolls around – switch your closed flats for perforations and cut-outs and show some skin. Look for closed toes with vamp cut-outs, side cut-outs, sling-backs and other straps that keep your kicks on your feet but reveal more than they conceal. Pick perforations for decorative embellishments. A closed toe box, completely perforated vamp, and closed heel leave plenty of air circulating around those glimpses of skin. A punched-out pattern on a pastel leather flat lightens the look for spring and summer and gives a simple flat dressier appeal. The rule for high-style shoes with deliberate holes in them? Show them off !

Luxe Loafers

Slip into a pair of loafers and your feet will sigh with relief. Cushy loafers are as comfortable as your favorite slippers but a sharp leather pair in spring’s livelier shades will take you from the office to the movies with ease. Rich coral or classic navy leather, edged in the thinnest white piping at the sole, let you show your colors with a neutral suit, a pencil skirt or an easy wrap dress. Wear them to work and the sailing club, the library and lunch. In your off-hours, a colorful triad of turquoise, spring-denim and gingersnap leather is almost yachty and works for any casual outing. They’ll attract more than a few compliments with shorts and a denim work shirt, a wrap skirt and a sleeveless blouse, boyfriend jeans and a turquoise blazer, or cool capri pants and the contrast of a floral patterned top.

the Hamilton is the perfect "wear everywhere" shoe

the Hamilton is the perfect “wear everywhere” shoe

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