Jet-Set Blogger: Mary of So Then They Say Goes to Greece

As if we weren’t already envious of Mary Summers-Hafner and her current adventures in Italy, the force behind travel blog So Then They Say just sent us images and an update from Polignano a Mare. Can you imagine a better place to spend July? Located on the rocky shore of Italy’s southern Bari province, this cliffside comune is a globe-trotter’s dream with its ancient winding roads, world-famous ice cream and chill beach town vibe. Between cliff-diving into the Adriatic Sea and browsing local artisans’ shops in her Davenport slip-ons, Mary found a minute to check in. Divertiti!

blogger italy davenport slip-ons

What did you love most about Polignano a Mare?
Before leaving for Italy, the one place I knew I wanted to road-trip to was Polignano a Mare. I called it “the city on the cliff”. It is famous for its beach—tucked between high cliffs—and its restaurant located inside a cave. The city was absolutely beautiful in photos and even more spectacular in person. My favorite part about the evening was that we made it just in time to catch the most incredible sunset over the cliffs. You can see in these photos that my skin is more orange than normal, and that is because the sunset was so unbelievable orange and pink.

blogger italy davenport slip-ons

What activities did you do there, and how did the Davenport support those adventures?
The one thing I really wanted to do was walk to the edge of a cliff and take photos of the city from an ocean viewpoint. The terrain was much rockier than I had expected, so the support of my Davenport was amazing. Those shoes made the “hike” enjoyable while remaining perfect for our nice dinner afterward. In the words of my mother, who also purchased a pair, “they are like walking on clouds.”

How did you style your Naturalizer for this leg of your trip?
We booked a reservation at a local restaurant, Chi Bo Bo, on our last night in Italy. It’s a nice spot, so I knew I wanted to wear something dressier but still comfortable enough to explore the city. I paired my Davenport with a simple white shirtdress. The shoes dressed up the cotton and held up to those rocky cliffs at the same time!

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