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There’s a lot of power in the number 3. In the fashion world, the phrase “3 is a trend” is often heard when a color, detail, or motif shows up on the runways 3 times. That is a good sign that a new trend is in the making. But you don’t have to watch every fashion show to keep up; we’re doing the work for you by bringing you all the best trends from our own collections, rounded up in groups of 3, straight to social media. Now that you know what’s hot, it’s time to shop! Discover all our best #3isatrend Instagram posts below including style names and where to buy.

White soles add a preppy pop to loafers and boat shoes.
From left to right: the Gwen, the Ginnie, and the Brelynn
Originally posted on July 27, 2017

Snow white kicks add a cool edge to hot summer looks.
Clockwise from top left: the Veronica, the Jetty, the Cyprine, the Manor, and the Pressley
Originally posted on July 24, 2017

Kick your tan lines up a notch with intricate straps.
From top to bottom: the Juniper, the Camilla, and the Longing
Originally posted on July 22, 2017

Summer wedges add height AND style.
From left to right: the Camilla, the Tinna, and the Bridget
Originally posted on July 19, 2017

Cork-bottomed shoes, you make the rockin’ world go ’round!
From left to right: the Reese, the Evette, and the Reilly
Originally posted on July 15, 2017

Sport shoes dipped in silver cast athleisure in a luxe new light.
From left to write: the Manor, the Morrison, and the Junction
Originally posted on July 10, 2017

Sleek flat sandals prove that high style can still be down to earth.
Clockwise from top left: the Longing, the Yessica, the Kaye, and the Fae
Originally posted on July 8, 2017

The texture of now is luxe, exotic, & always on point. Snakeskin adds a glamorous vibe to every shoe.
From top to bottom: the Zahn, the Caitlyn, and the Morrison
Originally posted on June 24, 2017

It’s just another metallic Monday! Shine all week with shoes dipped in silver, gold, platinum, and bronze.
From left to right: the Yanni, the Morrison, and the Caitlyn
Originally posted on June 19, 2017

The color of now is warm, romantic, and inspired by long summer sunsets.
From left to right: the Marianne, the Brittany, and the Yanni
Originally posted on June 12, 2017

#3isatrend: The season’s best handbags require no hands at all!
From left to right: the Latisha, the CityX, and the Cindi
Originally posted on June 11, 2017

The texture of now is oh-so-luxurious summer suede, and it transforms our Caitlyn, Brittany, and Felicity shoes. Get yours today.
From left to right: the Caitlyn, the Brittany, and the Felicity
Originally posted on June 7, 2017

#3isatrend: No heels, no problems! Our latest flats feature style-defining details, no extra height required.
From left to right: the Lucie, the Sarah, and the Samantha
Originally posted on May 15, 2017

#3isatrend: Intricate lace-up details define this season’s hottest shoe styles.
Lace-Up Sandals, clockwise from left: the Felicity, the Reilly, and the Kira
Originally posted on May 9, 2017

#3isatrend: Still need shoes for festival season? Stacked heels will add a boho edge to all your summer looks.
Stacked Wooden Heels, clockwise from top: the Yolanda, the Gracelyn, and the Gemi
Originally posted on April 27, 2017

#3isatrend: Avoid the Monday blues with new shoes & a handbag the color of the sky.
Blue Items, left to right: the Kira, the CityX, and the Reilly
Originally posted on April 17, 2017

#3isatrend: Perforated leather adds a sporty kick to sleek spring shoes & accessories.
Perforated Leather Items, clockwise from top left: the Kait, the Yanni, and the Marianne
Originally posted on April 5, 2017

#3isatrend: Hey, blue jean baby, make a major statement this season with denim shoes.
Denim Shoes, left to right: the Tinna, the Zahn, and the Morrison
Originally posted on February 27, 2017

#3isatrend: Yes, it is still #winter, & yes, you can definitely get away with white shoes before #MemorialDay!
Winter Whites, top to bottom: the Veronica, the Cyprine, and the Jetty
Originally posted on February 3, 2017

shearling booties trend
#3isatrend: Whether you love the cold or hate it, you’ll feel a lot cozier in our rugged new booties lined with plush shearling.
Shearling Booties, left to right: the Ashley, the Tamsen2, and the Tamsie
Originally posted on November 28, 2016

buckle booties trend
#3isatrend: naturalizerBuckle up! We’re loving all of the strappy details & bold hardware on this season’s booties.
Buckled Booties, left to right: the Zakira, the Nailah, and the Ringer
Originally posted on November 13, 2016

color block boots trend
#3isatrend: Build your #colorblocking look from the ground up.
Color-Blocked Boots, clockwise from top left: the Nikole, the Frances, and the Harding
Originally posted on October 17, 2016

boho booties trend
#3isatrend: We’ll be rocking these boho booties all through fall, beginning today.
Boho Booties, left to right: the Zakira, the Fortunate, and the Zeline
Originally posted on September 3, 2016

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