Chic Living: How to Make a Moscow Mule

Although this drink has nothing to do with Moscow or mules, it has proved to be one of the fashion set’s favorite cocktails over the last few summer seasons. We attribute this popularity to a refreshing taste (with a big bite) and its classic glassware. You see, the Moscow mule is one of those rare drinks that simply must be served in a copper cup. And since we will take almost any opportunity to mix in more metallics with our wardrobes, this is a major detail.

The Moscow mule is also far easier to make than it looks, owing to a short list of ingredients that packs a ton of flavor. Fizzy ginger beer provides the aforementioned bite while dark rum adds sweetness, and a dash of lime juice lightens things up. Each ingredient tastes great alone, but together, they make cocktail hour magic. Mix well and pour over ice, and voila! We recommend enjoying it with the Sarah flat–crafted from apropos gingersnap suede–on your feet, and tropical music on the stereo. Summer is now served!

moscow mule

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