In Her Shoes: Alice of Lone Star Looking Glass Makes a Case for Snakeskin Sandals

Her style cred is as big as Texas, which is why we were so excited to see Alice of Lone Star Looking Glass wear our blogger favorite, the snakeskin-printed Zahn sandal. She recently paired it with a coordinating snakeskin tote, statement necklace and brilliant red shift dress to beat the Houston heat, but what we love most about the look is her gorgeous smile! Learn more about the Houston style star in our Q&A below.

zahn heel summer style

Tell us about your look.
Because these shoes are a great neutral, the bright red dress and bold jewelry paired perfectly for a statement-making look. I love that the Zahn heel has a subtle pop of snakeskin print at the heel! Snakeskin is a neutral, and paired with ivory leather, it works with just about everything in my closet. Plus, these shoes are super comfortable and great for wearing to work.

What style rule is made to be broken (and why)?
Wearing white after Labor Day is totally a do! Living in Houston, it doesn’t start to cool off until at least late November. I have to mix lighter colors into my fall wardrobe to cool throughout the season. Besides, white just so happens to be one of my favorite colors, so I couldn’t simply not wear it for half the year.

zahn heel summer snakeskin style

Describe your style in 10 words or fewer.
Feminine with a subtle bohemian flare meets everyday chic.

Name 3 things you cannot live without.
Whatever book I am currently reading, a pen and paper for my never-ending to-do list, and a little Polaroid picture of my golden retriever Lily that I keep in my pocket.

zahn heel snakeskin summer

When do you feel most beautiful?
I feel most beautiful when I’m on vacation, when just my husband and I are off on a day of adventuring. I don’t feel the need to get dolled up because I’m so happy to be doing what I love most: traveling! And look back on vacation photos, I always feel like I look my best because happiness radiates across my face!

What’s the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?
“Never leave the house without your lipstick!” She’s given me so much more advice than that through the years, but this happens to be the one I hear most. It has a stronger message: Always make sure you leave the house prepared for the day and feeling and looking your best. As I’ve gotten older and actually wear lipstick daily, I think of her every time I’m mad at myself for leaving my lipstick at home! I should have listened to my mom!

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