In Her Shoes: Tammy of Wild Ruffle

We gave Tammy from Wild Ruffle, a mom with a passion for fashion, blogger and shop owner a pair of our Draft sandal and asked her a few questions about her life and style. Read on to learn more about her fashion philosophy plus a great tip for getting kids to eat their veggies!

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-7

Tell us about a “typical” day in your life.  

Before my troops are up, I enjoy quiet devotional time. It helps keep my mind and soul focused on the tasks of the day. Then it’s rush, rush, rush to get the big girls on the bus by 7:21 a.m. Shower. Get dressed. Get my five-year-old dressed. Then back to my closet to change. Most days I change a few times… it’s all about my mood. Humm, maybe this is why I’m always running behind.

After coffee, I try to get some work done, both computer and housework. Always a long to-do list with never enough time. Lunch consists of chocolate and more coffee while my daughter has the normal kid-friendly lunch (mac-n-cheese, fruit and as many veggies as she is old… it’s our standing rule so there aren’t any arguments). Then we are off to the Wild Ruffle shop to work the afternoon hours. She plays “shop” while I play “shop”. We arrive home to welcome the big girls as they get off the bus. We pow-wow over homework and cook dinner together most nights. All before we are off to the girls’ sport activities. We are currently in full swing track and travel soccer. We cherish the calm when we have a night off.

My husband comes home in time to help taxi the troops around town. We all crash back at home, talk about our day, eat a little before-bedtime-snack and finally hit the hay. Most nights my hubs and I end up talking for hours and forget to go to bed. Each night we say, “tomorrow night, we’ll go to bed early”… then we don’t.

What’s your style mantra?  

Shake it up. Study the latest trends, decide what works for you and make it your own by adding a little twist to it. Have fun… it’s only fashion… you’ll be wearing something different the next day anyway!

Name 3 things you cannot live without:    

Layering cardigans, any and every scarf and leather riding boots. Oooo ooo, I also love coffee.

What’s your spirit animal?  

White Siberian Tiger. For sure. Those fierce stripes are to die for.

When do you feel most beautiful?

During an act of kindness for someone in need. When I feel beautiful inside, my outward appearance follows suit. My eyes tend to sparkle more when God’s love is shining through. It sounds so cheesy but it’s true. I swear!

gorgeous brown leather sandals

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-3

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-4

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-5

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-6

Naturalizer Draft sandal - my new summer fav!-8

How would you wear the Draft sandal?

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