Happy National Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day! You deserve a break – so kick up your heels, settle in for a relaxing nap, or take a few minutes to take care of YOU for a change.

Here are a few relaxation quotes to inspire you to celebrate! And, we’ve included a list of 6 FREE ways to relax – say it with us: “ahhhhh”.

Happy National Relaxation Day

Happy National Relaxation Day

6 free ways to relax - great reminders

1. Take Conscious Breaths

Deep breathing (aka “belly breathing”) ensures your lungs fill completely with oxygen, slowing your heart rate and giving you an almost instant feeling of relaxation.

2. Stretch

Focus on the sensation that stretching brings to your muscles. When you’re feeling stressed, roll your shoulders, neck, and jaw to relax that tension.

3. Listen to Music

Whether you like classical, country or something more upbeat, listening to your favorite feel-good melodies can make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Turn on the radio or stream music through your phone to take your tunes anywhere.

4. Read a Book

Escaping in a great book is a wonderful way to relax. Take a few minutes by yourself to get lost in a story. Carry a book in your purse or on your Kindle so you can read anytime, anywhere.

5. Take a bath

Sinking into a warm tub can be a great escape. Run a bath, light some candles, and soak the stress away.

6. Go for a stroll

Taking 15 minutes to step away and go for a walk can do wonders for the soul! Good for the heart and mind, walking is a workout almost everyone manage.

What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

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