Chic Living: How to Make a Classic Martini

James Bond famously drank his shaken, not stirred. Karen Walker of Will & Grace was known to sip them at lunch. And the iconic chef Julia Child preferred hers “in reverse”: vermouth on the rocks with a splash of gin. We’re talking about the martini, of course. It’s like the Michelle pump of cocktails: elegant, classic and always a good idea (as long as you’re not driving). Over the years, debates have raged about what constitutes the perfect recipe: up or on the rocks? Neat or dirty? Garnish with a lemon or an olive? Purists say that nothing more is needed than gin, vermouth and a twist, but the libation, like all things in fashion, has evolved since its invention in the early 1900s. Many women now prefer vodka in their glasses–and with a wealth of clever garnishes. (Caviar, anyone?) Below, a modern twist on the original martini, courtesy of 801 Chophouse mixologist Blair Schrautemeier.


First, rinse the martini glass with dry vermouth
Add 1 part gin and 1 part vodka
Garnish with bleu cheese-stuffed olives

Yes, it’s that easy! Now kick back in your perfect pumps, and enjoy a cocktail. You’ve earned it.

Photo shot on location at Herbie’s Vintage 72 by Judd Demaline

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