#CelebrateUsContest Winners

Earlier this month, we challenged YOU to share your favorite #CelebrateUs moment on Instagram and you totally came through! You shared pictures of you and mom (or daughter) at weddings, graduations, holiday celebrations, on vacation, and just enjoying each other’s company! Your stories were heartwarming, touching, sometimes silly and sometimes sad. It was tough to choose three winners but based on best photo, best caption and best celebration moment, we narrowed it down.

Here are the #CelebrateUsContest Winners along with their #CelebrateUsContest moments illustrated by artist Laura Kay of DiarySketches:

Best Photo

#CelebrateUsContest Winners
#celebrateuscontest winner 2

Best Caption

“This picture is one of my very favorites with my mommy because it took us like ten tries (and laughing so hard that we had tears) for her to agree on letting me upload the picture to social media. She hates her smile and I on the other hand love it (so she opted for the side view and a semi smile). This was the last Mother’s Day she had my sister (and all her children) here on this earth. She was genuinely happy on this day and I am grateful for pictures that capture moments we can look back on and smile.”
#CelebrateUsContest Winners
#celebrateuscontest winner 3

Best Celebration Moment

“This was a very special moment for my mom and I. My mom raised me on her own and it meant so much to me that she was there to be by my side and walk me down the aisle on my big day. I will never forget this moment.”
#CelebrateUsContest Winners
#celebrateuscontest winner 1

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