Chic Living: Beauty Products to Keep at Work Always

Whether you work in a cubicle, a corner office or a classroom, there are just some things you cannot live without when on the clock. Consider the stapler, for example. (Insert Office Space joke here.) Beauty products—which you most likely apply before leaving your house—are some of these things. They’re also often the most overlooked. No longer! Tomorrow morning, on your way out the door, stash a bag with the following kit, and keep it in your top desk drawer for the rest of your career. You will not only feel confident all day—a swipe of red lipstick can do wonders before a big meeting—but you’ll also score major points with coworkers in need.


The aforementioned red lipstick: Nothing takes you from blah to beautiful, and it works with every look, whether you’re heading into a boardroom or happy hour.

Dry shampoo: A few spritzes of this stuff can make you look like you just left the salon–even if the closest you came to a blowout all day was your usual feud with the copy machine.

A pair of statement shoes: Consider these the sartorial equivalent of lipstick. Our Michelle in Bordo is the perfect all-occasion pump for at work and afterward.

Clear nail polish: No time for a manicure? Apply two coats of this during your next conference call, and call it a day.

Concealer: Touch up the physical indicators of stress, and highlight your best assets, even in the harsh glare of fluorescent light.

A luxe hair accessory: Lose the plain Jane ponytail holder, and pin up your (freshly dry-shampooed) strands with a gold, silver or tortoiseshell clip. A little bling goes a long way!

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