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Killer shoes are useless if they’re too uncomfortable to wear, earning the word “killer” in more ways than one. The inside of a shoe matters just as much as its style, and that’s the philosophy behind Naturalizer’s exclusive N5 technology. The five elements used in every N5 shoe provide support and comfort in everything from casual sandals to strappy heels.

heels CAN be comfy and cute!

yep, they’re cute. and comfy. thanks, N5

Extra Cushioning

The average person takes thousands of steps each day. With every step, your feet absorb your body weight, and that can take a toll on your body if your shoes don’t offer any support. Shoes made with N5 technology have latex foam built into the insole, under the ball of the foot and along the length of the lining. This cushioning absorbs some of the impact of each step, distributing your body weight evenly and preventing aches and pains.

Breathable Lining

You should never have to mop off your feet at the end of a long day. The breathable lining that is part of every N5 shoe allow for air to circulate around your feet, letting sweat evaporate instead of clinging to your skin. That means your feet won’t slip and slide around inside your shoes, and because sweaty feet contribute to shoe odor, breathable footwear should mean a more pleasant smelling closet for you.

Balanced Heel to Toe

Imagine walking evenly and confidently in a pair of towering heels. That’s possible in shoes that have adequate balance. In footwear made with N5 technology, heels are designed to strike the ground with stability. Inside the shoe, heel cups grip the back of the foot securely so your feet won’t slip out. These shoes are balanced from toe to heel, which means you’ll both look natural while walking and feel steady in them.

Flexible Soles

The flexible soles of footwear made with N5 technology allow your feet rather than your shoes to dictate how you move. Both the insoles and outsoles of N5 shoes are made with flexible materials. That means you can walk and move freely without feeling constricted, and soles that bend allow your feet to roll smoothly when you step off with your toes. Unlike shoes that require a painful breaking-in period, shoes made with this feature are comfortable to wear right away.

Lightweight Material

Your shoes should keep up with you, not weigh you down. N5 shoes are made of lightweight materials that make them easy and comfortable to wear. Unlike some shoes that are thin because they’re flimsy, shoes made with this technology are designed to be as light as possible while also being durable. That means that you’ll practically forget you’re wearing shoes — until you look down and admire their style.

3.5 inch heels can be comfy - naturalizer

style + comfort = N5

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