Healthy Habits: Active Alternatives to Happy Hour

Every now and then an evening rolls around when we don’t crave an after-work cocktail. Have you ever felt the same way? If so, rest assured that there are many other ways to log QT with your colleagues and best friends after you punch the clock. Some of them are even good for you! Below, discover a few of our favorite alternatives to the traditional happy hour—all of which will leave you feeling physically and mentally better than when you began. Just don’t forget to pack a pair of shoes from our new Active Collection so you don’t have to do downward-facing dog in heels—that would make for a most unhappy hour!

sunset yoga happy hour

SUNSET YOGA: Yoga studios have lately caught on to the notion that not everyone wants to spend their evenings indoors, drink in hand. With a little homework, you should have no problem finding a studio that offers evening classes outside. What better way to burn off workday steam than with a vinyasa flow? Some of our favorite options include Yoga Buzz in Saint Louis, Missouri, a non-profit that organizes al fresco classes all over the city, all in the name of charity; Denver, Colorado’s Botanic Gardens, which offers evening vinyasa among the flowers every Wednesday night through November; and Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida, where free classes by the water draw crowds in the hundreds!

stand-up paddleboarding sunset

STAND-UP PADDLE-BOARD: Calm and peaceful, this water sport can be done on almost any body of water. (We’ve even seen SUP boards in backyard pools!) Slip into our Sea Dogs Wish shoe to avoid slips or falls, and get to your local rental shop for gear and a how-to. Catch up with friends as you peacefully glide across the water—and score a major ab workout in the process. Our favorite places to stand up and paddle are DFW Surf on Grapevine Lake near Dallas, Texas; Nashville Paddle Company on J. Percy Priest Lake near Nashville, Tennessee; and OEX Point Loma on San Diego Bay in San Diego, California.

community gardening happy hour

GARDENING: If you and your work bestie desire a happy hour alternative that is more altruistic than athletic, consider volunteering at a community garden. Digging in the dirt is scientifically proven to boost mental health, and your arm muscles will thank you as well. Swap your office pumps for the new Nova slip-on from BZees, and prepare to snack on freshly-picked greens! Our favorite community gardens include the Gardens at Elm Bank in Boston, Massachusetts; the Gardens Project in Chicago, Illinois; and GrowNYC Governors Island Teaching Garden in New York City.


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